i didn't think i'd be updating this so soon. flyultra v2 is out now =v= working on creating outfits with real clothes was fun. i also made some small changes to the flyultra project page (changed layout, added a second slideshow). it'll definitely be dressed up more in the future but this works for now.

in other news, i'm excited to say that i'll be going to nyc in may from the 7th-27th (possibly for longer if a friend wants to tag along, but we'll see). i've already secured my room and will be booking my flight very soon. gonna make sure i work very very hard this month so i can enjoy my vacation.

anyway, enjoy this ltj bukem mix

until next time


i've made some minor changes to the site since i hastily 'published' it ~10 days ago. overall, i'm pretty happy with how it turned out. or rather, i'm just happy it works. there's a few changes i'd still like to make to the site, including:

- putting together some dnb tracks to put in the media player, just to match the late 90s-early 00s racing game aesthetic

- redesigning the music player in general. it's fine for a first run but the whole page seems pretty... flat? anyway i know i can do better but given that this is the most complex element of the site, it's worth taking my time on

- adding more projects to the sidebar. right now, i just have flyUltra. speaking of which...
-- flyUltra is a creative editorial series done by yours truly. it features two IMVU models whose inventories and styles i am slowly refining, maja and hanna. the first issue was a test run i based off of gran turismo 4 and ended up with a very colourful, sporty set of images. i've started the next set, which will be more like a regular fashion editorial with text (clothing brands, etc.)

i'm hoping that i will say that I've accomplished all the music/media player stuff when the next blog post rolls around ^^ cheers


it's time for the monthly update :)
the flyultra page now has a permanent layout
the music player works again -- i finally managed to make some dnb tracks!

i'm still in new york; i really like it here. spending time away from home and my usual routines made me think about what i'd like to do with my life and how there's so much to do, learn, and experience. but i also can't force anything lol. it's probably more interesting that way tho. ultimately i'm just glad i was able to make music again since i hadn't really been successful in the past 5-ish months. i no longer feel weighed down emotionally or communicatively (?) which is really refreshing.

i might take a break from working on this site. i've been thinking about doing more hands-on artwork with papercrafts and sketches. i made a 'talisman' for my friend and i feel like i could do some more research on that and make a series of those. it would be a cute summer project...